sNews 1.6 MEMU version 1.1

MEMU = "Modular, Enhanced, Multiple Users"
By: Keyrocks - Based on sNews Developers Version 1.6.0.
Revision Date: Nov.09.07.

Welcome to a heavily modified version of sNews 1.6. This package expands significantly on Bakercad's MU (mulitple users) project which is based on the default (unmodified) distribution of sNews 1.6 - a single file, template independant, PHP and MySQL powered, standards valid Content Management System. All of the notable modifications are outlined in the next section.


This MEMU package replaces the first issue (version 1.0). It provides a new level of functionality over its predecessor... sNews 1.6 Enhanced. It provides a modular structure. You will notice that it has very little in common with the default sNews 1.6.0 package. There are a lot of folders not seen in the default package, and what used to be the snews.php (engine file) is now called snewsMU.php.


Let's briefly run through what the purpose of each file and folder in this package is.

What sNews 1.6 MEMU includes:

The modifications included with this package have been created and used by several sNews users and all of them can be found on the sNews Forums. Many of the mods included with my sNews 1.6 Enhanced Package (see below) are included.

The most significant difference with this package is that it contains Bakercad's MU (Multiple Users) Mod and his Template Switch Panel mod. The templates folder contains two templates... the default sNews template and the Greenway Template by David Herreman. You can create and add any number of templates to the system by following the same format as those already provided.

Before installing please check minimum system requirements:

Apache Server with mod_rewrite module enabled
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor version 4.x or above
MySQL database

These applications are freely available, and can be installed both on Windows and Linux OS (detailed info can be obtained at their websites). Note that sNews 1.6 won't work on Windows server because it uses different methods of URL rewriting.


1. Setup the Database

After you have un-zipped the ZIP file to your hard drive, you will see an SQL folder in the package. It contains two ready-made SQL IMPORT files. After creating your new database using phpMyAdmin - on your local or host server - click on the IMPORT tab... browse to the sn16memu_01.sql file... and click the GO button. Your new database should now have a complete set of six empty tables in it, ready to use. If you'd like to start off with some pre-created content... categories, articles and a couple of pages already in place... use the sn16memu-02.sql file. It will insert a bunch of read-made content into the tables so you have something to view, edit and delete from the start.

2. Edit Settings

Edit "config.php" and enter your // DATABASE VARIABLE settings at the top of the file:

full web site address with trailing slash -
$db['website'] = 'http://localhost/sNews/';

MySQL Host - provided by hosting company, usually is "localhost":
$db['dbhost'] = 'localhost';

Database Name - created through phpmyadmin or similar database editor:
$db['dbname'] = 'snews';

Database Username - created through phpmyadmin or similar database editor:
$db['dbuname'] = 'username';

Database password - created through phpmyadmin or similar database editor:
$db['dbpass'] = 'password';

Database prefix - created through phpmyadmin or similar database editor, used usually when a hosting company provides only one DB:
$db['prefix'] = '';

Scroll down to the next variable array and edit the Database Backup values as required:

Edit the e-mail address to where your database backup attachments will be sent:
$gl['t_system_mail'] = 'System DB-Backup < >';

If you choose to change the name of the folder receiving your on-site backups, change "dobrobackup" to the new folder name:
$gl['backup_folder'] = 'dobrobackup';

Sub-directory Installation: If you are installing the sNews package in a sub-root location on your domain (within a folder in your domain root), you will need to open the .htaccess file in your 'good' code editor and edit the #RewriteBase /sNews16 string in it. Un-comment the string by removing #-sign, and replace sNews16 with the name of the folder you are installing your package in. This ensures that the file will be able to re-write the URLs to all content properly.
MAC OS Users: The .htaccess file may be invisible on your system. If that is the case, upload the htaccess/txt file (included with this package) and change its name on the server location to .htaccess so it will be recognized there as required.
More Info on .htaccess Use: If you have problems with using the .htaccess file in your package,
please read up on .htaccess on the sNews FAQ Page.

3. Upload files

Do not upload the readme.html file or the SQL folder containing your .sql table-generating file.
Upload all other files and folders from the package to the domain root on your server.

Be Absolutely Sure you have uploaded the .htaccess file from the package to the domain root on your server at the same time. If you don't, sNews will return a "The requested URL was not found on this server." message when you click the login link or any other page link from the sNews home page. If you have problems with using the .htaccess file in your package, please read up on .htaccess on the sNews FAQ Page. Mac Users - please read the .htaccess notes in the panel above this one.

CHMOD the dobrobackup folder to "777". This is required so that the database backup script will be able to save your backup files here. Also... remember to chmod the thumbs and uploaded_images folders to "777" so images can be saved to and deleted from these folders using the Files Management Panel.


You are ready to go!

The default username is admin and password is admin.

Login to start adding content and managing your site.

NOTE: All of the modifications in this package are listed in the "Snews 1.6 Mods and Addons" Forum on the Official sNews website. If you have problems that are specifically related to one of these modifications, please locate them on the Forum and post your problem(s) there. The original author(s) will provide you with assistance when time permits.

I hope you find this package useful.
Keyrocks - sNews Dude.

Additional nfomation and Assistance

Bug reports, suggestions, comments, questions: sNews CMS Forums.

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